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An Overview of Flat Roofing: An Interview with Sean Sanborn of Final Flat Roof

By Sean Sanborn

About Final Flat Roof:

What sets us apart from all other roof solutions is twofold. First, Final Flat Roof (FFR) is the only coating that can be installed and cure underneath water. Secondly, Final Flat Roof (FFR) is the only roof coating that can performs to the equivalent of R-19 insulation. We have over 20 locations nationwide ready and committed to protecting our clients investments. The Final Flat Roof (FFR) alliance provides our clients with the assurance to have access to some of largest contractors in the United States bondable up to 5 million dollars. Final Flat Roof (FFR) also provides our client's access to educated roof consultants with infrared technology.

What are services we provide.

FFR is a manufacturer and distributor of FFR-K1. Our Product is a 1-part Kevlar infused Thermoset. It is both a waterproofing and bonding agent that has various applications from all flat roof repairs and 20 year restorations, concrete sealing, marine boat bottom and RV roofs. Our product comes ready to use out of the bucket and requires no mixing. This eliminates the human error of mixing and ratios that will make other manufacturers products fail.

We distribute FFR through independent Reps and installers that have completed our thorough training seminars. FFR provides the client with a free Satellite Roof Analysis, that will provide the client with the cost savings that our FFR-K1 system can provide them.

Our FFR-K1 product is environmentally friendly in many ways:

  1. Our system is installed over your existing roof. This eliminates the toxic waste of disposing your old roof into the landfill.
  2. Our product does not use petroleum so it is both good for our environment and our national security.
  3. FFR-K1 is Energy Star approved and can reduce your heating and cooling expenses up to 40%

FFR-K1 coexists with the environment. Our product is UV / moisture cured. This allows our product to be installed under water for emergency repairs. Our product will not wash off when rain is present and will allow the contractor or building owner to continue with applying the product. All other roof products out in the market can have its warranty voided by water that sits on the roof (ponding or positive drainage exclusions) or by the sun (manufacturers can require you to put on a white reflective coating within the first 5 years of installing their roof system) The manufactures are aware that their products will deteriorate quickly with the presence of sun and water. The fact is FFR-K1 need water and sun to cure is and make it stronger and we will not breakdown due to theses conditions and warranty it for up to 20 years. FFR is also the only roof product "period" that can be installed in freezing conditions. We stopped a 200 gph leak at the Chrysler plant in blizzard conditions. The best factor of FFR is its simplicity, no guess work for the building owner. There are 100's of roof repair products on the market each of which are not compatible with certain roof systems. FFR-K1 will work on every roof surface (metal, BUR, TPO, EPDM, concrete, wood, single-ply) and in any weather condition. We are the only Kevlar infused roof system on the market which provides exceptional reinforcement.

The Flat Roof Repair Process:

Most building owners are already doing roof repairs on a monthly or annual basis. They are already spending the money and they are not getting anything in return. Many times it just seams as the leak moves to a new spot inside their building. We call this the chase and repair cycle of the roof usually between years 5-and 15. If the building owners just converted to FFR-K1 we could provide them with the option to turn temporary repairs into permanent roof solutions. FFR will always bond to itself so we can offer the building owner the ability to repair and restore their roof over a 4 year period and then they will receive a retroactive 20 year warranty. Also FFR can be 100% deductible for the building owner in the current year as compared to a reroof that has to be depreciated over 39 1/2 years. FFR is not only a rain shelter but a tax shelter as well.

Common Flat Roof Repair Issues:

With FFR-K1 all the issues from what to use, what conditions can I use it in and how do I mix and use it are eliminated. With FFR all the building owner has to focus on is locating the leak and FFR will do the rest to stop it.

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