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Arrow in Flight Is Always Forward, Never Backward

By Elisha Neubauer

An arrow in flight moves forward, much as our lives do. For Steve Seinberg, owner of Arrow in Flight, this concept was the perfect name for his Providence, Rhode Island-based metaphysics business.

Once a lawyer and a CFO of a publicly-traded biotech company in the SF Bay Area, Seinberg found metaphysics purely by chance. Realizing it was his true calling, Seinberg began working as a professional astrologer and hasn't looked back since.

"In my job, I really enjoy the direct interactions that I get to have with clients, students, and people who attend our events," Seinberg said. "I love those moments in which I can clearly see that someone just had a 'Eureka!' flash of understanding because of our exchanges."

In addition to teaching astrology, Seinberg offers tarot reading, birth charting, past life readings, divine soul coaching, Reiki, and more.

Private lessons are available both in-home or via the internet, as well as classes, guided meditation events, and Reiki shares across the Providence area.

Seinberg also writes constantly about his passion in blogs and articles and is currently working on a penning a book regarding the topic.

"I now work with a partner named Jessica Lee, who, like me, is a Certified Reiki Master," said Seinberg.

Lee also offers a service called Soul Realignment, which helps to uncover your Soul's true nature. At Arrow in Flight, the pair work in tandem to push forward the idea that clients can acheive a state of overall holistic wellness through the perfect combination of self-knowledge and inner peace.

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Tyson Rock

I am so happy to see this article. our system temporary cookies is getting a trouble to open any secured website, so we need to remove our system cookies after using my suggestion

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Paula Evans

Working with Steve has made an amazing affect in my life for the better. He certainly helped me to adjust the trajectory of my arrowâ??s flight!


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