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Body Soul Inspired Personal Training Creates Sustainable Fitness Plans

By Marina I. Jokic

After being let go from her job of 17 years, Lisa Mogeau made the life-changing decision to open her own fitness studio. A lifelong dream of hers, running her own studio felt like she had found her vocation.

"I found myself at a [crossroads], and that was when my husband looked at me and said, 'well, now it's time to follow your dream'," Mongeau said. "I threw a small pebble in a large ocean, hoping it would create a thousand ripples."

Chasing the dream she had carried with her for a long time felt invigorating and absolutely fulfilling. Above all else, Mongeau wanted to positively impact people's lives through teaching them fitness and healthy eating habits.

The studio originated from the philosophy that in order to heal yourself, you must be willing to make both physical and mental changes, two aspects that work in tandem to create a wholly healthy person. The logo of Body Soul symbolizes harmony and positive energy, which play an integral role in achieving holistic wellness.

Body Soul's trainers help their students defeat stubborn obstacles to losing weight and keeping a healthy diet. Losing weight can be especially problematic as most people get sidetracked by common myths.

For instance, following strict diets or adopting high intensity, brutal workouts are usually the most common misconceptions. High-intensity, burst-like workouts actually wear you down, while basic movements like squats, presses, and push-ups gradually and safely strengthen the body.

"The fitness industry likes to make tough or hardcore diets seem trendy and cool to do, but they just set you up for failure," Mongeau said. "Instead, you need to make small, sustainable changes to your habits."

Making small steps like staying hydrated, planning your meals, and buying healthy ingredients are surefire ways to succeed at losing weight and staying fit.

"If you're unsure about safe exercise techniques or the programming of sets, [repetitions], and loads, investing in yourself by working with one of our expert coaches at Body Soul is an excellent way to jumpstart your fitness goals," Mongeau said.

At Body Soul, personalized fitness lives up to its name. Trainers create a customized training plan for each client. Ideal for those seeking high levels of personal attention and accountability, these plans include nutritional advice. For Mongeau, seeing measured but steady success in her clients' physical wellness is always cause for celebration.

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