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CardioGlow: A Fun Way to Get Fit

By Marina I. Jokic

Some forms of exercise feel more like an obligation than a fun way to get fit. At CardioGlow, however, owner and manager Kathleen Gantz works hard to create entertaining and engaging group classes for her students. Owning to the meticulous customer service, ample amenities, and attention to detail, you might take CardioGlow for a spa rather than a fitness studio. Gantz takes special pride in offering her clients top of the line instruction, impeccable service, and some of the most professional and attentive team of instructors in the business.

"In every class, you'll find fresh water, a crisp, clean towel, and a fun, friendly atmosphere," Gantz said. "We don't want you to worry about a thing except your shimmer and shine."

Presenting an affordable alternative to overpriced fitness classes, CardioGlow classes are designed with fun in mind above all. The more that students are engaged by the classes in which they participate, the more effective the class is in achieving the student's long-term fitness goals.

"You'll have fun, feel great, and work hard all while enjoying the social nature of CardioGlow," Gantz said.

You'll be enjoying the music, the moves, and the people during your sweat sessions. Staying in shape doesn't have to mean pedaling on a bike alone or trudging endlessly on the treadmill. At cardioglow, you can always count on the team to help see you through. Of course, a little friendly competition is not out of the question.

Dance Cardio is the flagship class at CardioGlow, a 55-minute, multi-level, high and low intensity interval dance class. Interval training has been shown to be an incredibly effective way to train, and is a widely utilized method in fitness today. Similarly, the Hoop There It Is, another 55-minute interval training incorporates segments of toning, dance, and hooping for abs strengthening.

Not many expect to have to learn the Hula hoop during their exercise routines, but in fact, hooping's concentrated movements strengthen your core effectively. It's a creative and fun way to work out your entire body. Finally, the Shape & Shimmy's music-pumping, full-body workout focuses on problem areas of the body, combining toning and cardio moves.

CardioGlow welcomes your entire family to join in a dynamic workout. Children-friendly class offerings include the Kids Yoga, the Kids Creative Movement, and the Family Yoga classes. The yoga for kids pre-K to 9th grade introduces them to the basic postures, the cadence of movement, and builds confidence to try out more challenging poses. The Family Yoga is a great way to learn yoga at an introductory pace while taking the opportunity to bond with your loved ones.

"Late arrivals, early departures, laughter, talking and kids are all welcome," Gantz said.

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