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Cellucci's Martial Arts Center Builds Discipline And Confidence

By S. Mathur

Beyond the practical goal of self defense, martial arts have a number of other benefits. Classes help children to build character and to develop their leadership qualities.

"Anything from confidence and a positive attitude to self-discipline and respect," Sensei Michael Cellucci at Cellucci's Martial Arts Center in Warwick, RI said. "The self-defense system we teach is practical and to the point if they ever need to use it. However the mental benefits they take away from training can be applied to their lives every day."

Classes for children and adults develop coordination, physical fitness, and mental strength. They provide positive reinforcement to help children succeed in life. Kids can begin classes as early as age 3 and continue all the way into teen and adults classes. Parents find that the classes really help shy kids gain confidence. For those tormented by bullies, martial arts training gives them the respect and self-discipline to diffuse a situation without violence.

The Fitness Kickboxing program combines weight lifting, resistance training and kickboxing strikes. Designed for adults, it helps improve toning, weight loss and overall physical health. It's challenging and fun, and never gets boring like other fitness routines. Students begin with a private lesson to learn safe and correct techniques. Adults need empowerment and self confidence too, and they can find these in the kickboxing classes.

"[The Krav Maga system is] the official hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces," Cellucci said. "It is widely regarded as a great self defense system because of its efficient, no nonsense tactics, that emphasize instinctive movements, practical techniques, and realistic training scenarios. We work hard to make ourselves very good in every area (stand up, ground, surprise attacks, guns, knives, multiple attackers, different environments, while injured, etc.).

The Center hosts martial arts birthday parties for kids, with experienced instructors to supervise the fun and games. Food, drinks, birthday cake and set up and clean up are all included in the package.

Cellucci loves the job because it gives him the opportunity to help others. All classes depend on mutual support and encouragement, helping to keep individuals motivated.

"We love how our facility has created a community within. Children, adults, and even full families, form bonds and friendships all the time," he said. "Meeting others that are working towards similar goals is a great way to stay on track and accelerate your results."

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