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Expert Advice on Roofing and Roof Repair: An Interview with Robert St. Pierre Jr. of B & R Home Improvement

By Robert St. Pierre Jr.

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Here at B & R Home Improvement we are a family owned and run business with many years of experience behind us. We specialize in residential roofing and gutters but we also offer services in carpentry, siding and painting.

What's one of the biggest challenges that Rhode Island homeowners face when it comes to their roofs?

When it comes to living in Rhode Island there are many challenges that a homeowner may face when it comes to their roof and they all revolve around the weather. As many Rhode Islanders know, if you don't like the weather, just wait a moment and it will change. In the winter there can be vast amounts of snow covering your roof which can lead to ice dams. In the summer you have high temperatures which can really damage your roof if not properly ventilated. Of course in the spring and fall there are different issues like large amounts of wind and rain which can cause leaks and with all those leafs falling off the trees, gutters and get clogged causing water to overflow.

What are the most popular roofing materials you install and how long does the process take from start to finish?

For residential steep slope roofing the most popular material being used at the moment is the architectural asphalt shingle. There are many different brands of shingles to consider. We primarily use CertainTeed asphalt shingles because we have credentials through Certainteed which allows us to give out better warranties. Products for residential low slope roofing are EPDM (rubber) or a modified bitumen asphalt roofing system, both roofing systems work very well and usually comes down to preference or location. The amount of time it would take from start to finish all depend on the size of the home.

What are some important things a homeowner should consider before hiring a roofing contractor?

As a homeowner thinking about hiring a roofing contractor there are a couple of things to consider. First, you want to make sure the the roofing contractor carries the appropriate licensing and insurance. Not all contractors with insurance are necessary insured to do residential roofing. Residential roofing is a separate insurance so make sure you ask your contractor if they carry that insurance and if they can show proof of insurance. Second, I would ask for at least three references of past customers and I would also look up reviews that may have been posted about the contractor.

Can you explain the typical length of a roof warranty and what it should cover?

Mostly all architectural asphalt shingles come with a limited lifetime warranty as well as a 10 to 15-year prorated warranty against manufacture defects. With our company holding credentials with CertainTeed shingle manufacture we are able to give out a 50 year SureStart warranty that has a non-prorated coverage from manufacturer's defects and also covers labor and disposal. We also provide a 12-year workmanship warranty through B & R Home Improvement so you can consider yourself covered all the way around.

What advice would you give someone who's in a situation where they need an emergency roof repair because of a leak or dry rot?

The best advice I can give someone is not to hesitate and make a call. If a contractor is busy, at least you can make an appointment or if it is too big of an emergency you can contact another roofing contractor.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

The best way to reach B & R Home Improvement is by contacting me directly at (401) 365-8909 or send us an email at BandRHomeImprovement@gmail.com.

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