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FiberGutter Is Helping Homeowners By Offering a Superior Gutter Product

By Pamela Sosnowski

Addressing problems with gutters is usually a homeowner's least favorite chore; they can trap leaves and debris, get backed up by rainwater, create ice dams during the winter months, and may eventually need replacing. Fiberglass Building Products, Inc. of Halifax, however, is helping to minimize the problems traditional gutters often cause with its revolutionary product called FiberGutter.

"It is the first rain gutter of its kind," Edward Mayo, the company's president and owner, said. "FiberGutter is a polyester resin-based rain gutter made through a process called pultrusion. It has significant advantages over other products in the industry including durability, stability, aesthetics, and value."

FiberGutter offers several benefits over traditional gutters. Although it appears to be made of wood gutter, its fiberglass makeup is much stronger, more durable (it is chip, dent, leak, and rustproof), and a little more affordable than traditional gutters. Because no brackets are used when installing the gutters, the product is practically maintenance-free except for periodic cleaning. Installation is easy and every FiberGutter product is backed by a 50-year warranty.

"It is so strong that it doesn't require brackets which makes cleaning easier," Mayo said. "Everyone is so used to aluminum as the standard but what we have created is something that actually protects your home. It is now being referred to as 'a revolution in rain gutter'."

The gutters are also protected against UV rays and may be painted with any latex paint, which will last longer on a fiberglass surface compared to wood. Installation can be performed by contractors, painters, and homeowners themselves. The company also sells a Gutter Glue kit that can be used to seamlessly install the product.

FiberGutter was originally conceived by Fiberglass Building Products Inc. in the 1990s; the current version of the product is considered to be the most advanced. It can be customized to fit a variety of home buildings and sizes, and the company often works with architects throughout the country on special home projects.

"We work on various types of houses from historic homes to new construction, municipal, educational and small commercial," Mayo said. "This keeps it interesting to be involved with such a diverse group of people with many different backgrounds."

The company works with several dealers that sell the product and also sells directly to contractors and home owners outside of the dealer network in the U.S. and Canada. FiberGutter is available for shipment throughout the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. Fiberglass Building Products also maintains a list of approved installers that have received training by the company's staff on how to install the gutters. FiberGutter is available in two lengths: 27.5' & 40', and some dealers can also offer custom lengths and lengths in increments of ten feet. When two pieces are joined together, the result is smooth and seamless.

To learn more about FiberGutter or to locate a dealer, visit the company's website at https://www.fibergutter.com.

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