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Finding Relief from Pain at Time for You Massage

By Michael Abelson

When a person suffers from chronic pain, frequent headaches or stress, massage can be a crucial complement to traditional medical approaches. With a targeted treatment, Time for You Massage has helped hundreds of clients find lasting relief.

After working in healthcare for 11 years, Jean St. Andre graduated from The Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in 2008 and embarked on her career as a massage therapist. Earning her certification in Reiki, hot stone, medical, and pregnancy massage methods to round out the scope of her experience, Andre was ready to open her private practice.

"Your experience begins by letting go of the day and sinking into a world created just for you with extra soft heated tables, aromatherapy, and nature-inspired music," Andre said. "I really love helping people by alleviating their pain, so that they can live a full and active life."

Passionate about the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of massage, Andre focuses on customizing her treatments to her clients' exact needs. She is especially adept at finding and releasing knotted areas in the body that cause chronic pain. Treatment options include Deep Tissue massage, Swedish massage, Hot Stone massage, medical massage, and of course Reiki.

"I work with specific massage techniques to decrease [athletes'] pain and increase their flexibility and range of motion," Andre said. "I had one client who was a runner say, 'I feel like I have a new Achilles tendon'."

Prolonged stress takes its toll on the body. Specifically addressing this, Andre uses Reiki to balance the stressful energy within the body. As a result, the person receiving Reiki feels a sense of calm during the session and afterwards, which makes the issue much more manageable. According to Reiki teachings, the life force energy is the natural energy that runs through the body and exists in the environment. Reiki helps the flow of this energy. Stress can lead to illness when the energy is obstructed, but Reiki can help in directing the flow of this natural life force or Chi through the right pathways in our bodies.

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