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Get Straight To The Pointe

By Elisha Neubauer

For Sheri Masiello, dance was always in her heart.

However, it wasn't always on the books. In fact, Masiello began her college career with a double major in Elementary Education and Psychology. While she progressed nicely in these classes, she soon realized it wasn't fulfilling as a life path. Despite getting a degree in psychology she left the educational path she had been walking and opted to focus on her true passion: dance.

Her dreams came true in 1999 when she launched To The Pointe, a small dance studio located in North Providence, Rhode Island.

"Dance is an art form and a great way to unite people," Masiello said.

Masiello opted to launch the dance studio because of the feelings and benefits it evokes. In addition to creating a fulfilling sensation for her, Masiello believes it is beneficial to the community in ways that other career paths aren't.

"Children benefit from taking dance classes in many ways," said Masiello. "The experience of being in a classroom setting, learning dance and performing on stage have immeasurable value."

Dance has been proven to help children understand that hard work reaps rewards. They learn perseverance, hard work ethic, a healthy lifestyle concept, dedication, teamwork, and confidence. For adults, dance classes are a great way to get into shape and tone up. Dancing also gives adults an outlet to be sociable with other like-minded individuals. While difficult at times, starting a dance regime as an adult can be an enjoyable and exciting way to get into shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

"I would remind them not to get frustrated when concepts are challenging and to continue to do their best as in time things will become easier with repetition," Masiello said.

When it comes to learning dance, Masiello and her staff at To The Pointe have found a different approach that seems to work for their facility.

"Our studio is fundamentally focused on teaching traditional and modern styles of dance in an educational and professional atmosphere," Masiello said. "We willingly do not participate in competitions because we feel that it changes the atmosphere of our studio to one that is not cohesive to promoting positivity and unity."

Instead, the studio focuses on developing their dancers each week. This includes preparing for and performing in several shows throughout the season, including Holiday, June, and Summer showcases. The dancers also travel, dancing at Walt Disney World and on cruise ships annually.

"It is an amazing experience to do what you were meant to do and I am thoroughly aware of what a great opportunity I have and I plan to never lose sight of that," Masiello said.

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