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Getting Stains out of your Walls

By Ben Levy

Stains are things that you would always want to keep away from your newly painted walls. But things are always not in your control. More often than not your kids are the culprits behind it, but even you may unknowingly end up putting a stain on the wall. Here is what you need to do to get it off your wall.

First of all make sure the treatment is done sooner than later because with the passing of time the stain is allowed to settle into the wall more and more.

1) Baking soda can be used to remove color pencil or crayon stains.

2) In cases of ink stains use lemon juice to wipe it off or spray liquid non oily removers.

3) In cases of cello tape removals which tend to take out a layer of the painting, use heated metal spoons to melt them off rather than dragging them off.

4) Use a scrub dipped in washing water to remove oil stains. In case of grease stains, initially try to wipe the stained area using a dry cloth making sure that the stain is not spread. Next do the scrubbing with your trusted stain remover. Once removed dry it off.

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