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How to Break Your Lease

Breaking an apartment lease contract is not easy. Careful consideration needs to be applied when you are in the market for an apartment. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to move under a lease contract, the first thing to do is talk to your landlord. Here are a few options however, that are specific to certain circumstances.

Most large apartment complexes or rental communities have early termination options, written in their contract. Many times you opt in or out of these early termination options at the time you sign your lease. For instance, if you choose to break a 12 month lease 6 months into the completion of the contract, you may pay only a portion of the rent for the last 6 months, where without the option; you would have to pay the lease in full.

If your complex/landlord does not have a lease break clause, consider meeting with them to negotiate options. Sometimes, if the floor plan or entire community that you live in is in demand, the landlord or manager may allow you to break your lease, knowing they can easily replace your tenancy.

If you are in the military, most apartment communities have a courtesy clause that will allow you to break your lease without penalty, if you get called away for duty. You may also be released from your lease if you become seriously ill or injured and have to move to a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Your landlord fails to comply with contract agreements. If your landlord is not repairing or performing proper maintenance, invading your privacy, or creating other problems that affect you, you may be entitled to break your lease.

Many landlords will allow to also assisting them in finding another tenant, or even sublet the apartment or dwelling. Most lease contracts state very clearly whether or not they will allow this.

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