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Creating Distinctive Landscape Designs for Your Home: An Interview with Andrew Grossman Landscape Design

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Since 1993 Andrew Grossman has been creating distinctive landscapes throughout MA, CT and RI. Mr. Grossman's work has been featured in national magazines and on national garden tours. Whether developing a new property or enhancing an established one, Andrew Grossman offers a range of creative options, including CONSULTATION, DESIGN, and INSTALLATION services to complement a client's specific needs. His work encompasses all aspects of Landscape Design including hardscaping options (patios, walkways, walls), Swimming pools, Rockeries, and of course plantings.

On your website it says that your designs "combine imaginative structural solutions with a sophisticated horticultural sensibility." What exactly does this mean for your clients?

Every property has its own unique character. I strive to emphasize the innate beauty and mitigate the defects. A successful design combines horticultural knowledge (putting the right plant in the right place) with an imaginative layout. The size and siting of major elements including patios, walkways etc. combined with the placement of lawns and beds all contribute to the beauty of a landscape.

It also says on your website that you utilize "green" practices. Please elaborate on this.

It is imperative to have healthy soil. Many homeowners resort to the use of chemical fertilizers on their lawns and beds because their soil is poor in texture or depleted of nutrients. I always enrich my beds with compost or replace the old soil prior to planting. The "before and after" photographs on my website, andrewgrossman.com illustrate the importance of this practice.

Is the location of a person's residence a factor in how it should be landscaped?

Every property has distinctive characteristics that determine the best design approach. Location also affects plant selection. A beachfront property requires a different plant palette than a home sited in an urban area. In addition it is important that the front yard compliments the architectural style of the house. I probably wouldn't install a Japanese garden in the front of a colonial home. The backyard, however, affords more stylistic freedom.

Your landscapes are quite breathtaking. What are some tips you can give our readers about constructing their own gardens and landscape?

With regard to structural layout proportion and simplicity are key. A property shouldn't look like a jumble of puzzle pieces. A few large elements (patio, lawn, and beds) are preferable to many small ones. Shapes are also important. I generally avoid oddly shaped patios or lawns. When it comes to plant selection keep the number of different species to a minimum. Large groupings of a single variety are infinitely more pleasing and easier to maintain than a host of different plants crammed together. Color scheme is also of vital. Choose a color palette and stick with it. I elaborate on many of these ideas on my blog, ayearinmygarden.blogspot.com.

What are the most important landscaping maintenance projects to keep up with?

Mulching is essential. Mulch suppresses weeds and locks in moisture. Removing spent flowers and dying or diseased stems keeps a landscape looking fresh and healthy.

What sets your business apart from other comparable companies? Do you believe you do anything better/different?

Each of my designs is unique and many are magazine worthy. With an artist's eye and a horticulturalist's knowledge I work closely with my clients to create landscapes that truly transform their properties. Many clients return to me when they purchase new homes or continue to enhance their existing ones. Log onto the portfolio section of my website, andrewgrossman.com to read what clients have said about the design/installation process. Many feel their landscaping is the best investment they have made on their home.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Either via phone, 508-336-3696 or email, Andrew@andrewgrossman.com.
Recently due to spam filters email has proved slightly less reliable. I always return email messages within 24 hours. No response means that I didn't receive the message.

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