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J Schatz Ceramic Studio Molds Beautiful Art

By Paul Rowe

Jim Schatz began making lamps out of an NYC apartment, utilizing the egg shape that has fascinated human beings for millennia. The shape of an egg is what captured Schatz's imagination from the very beginning, driving him to go out into the woods of upstate New York and live in a creek side cabin, all the while creating homes and feeders for his feathered friends.

Shortly, more products called to Schatz: sculpture, décor, tabletop, planters, and new kinds of lighting. Through design and craftsmanship, Schatz created a new world for himself based on his aesthetic vision. Soon, love would enter Schatz's life, turning his life, and the life of Peter Souza, upside down forever. Both men agreed to uproot their respective lives, join forces, and collaborate artistically to create something wonderful. There was only one thing left to do: share their mutual vision with the world.

Eventually, Souza and Schatz moved their enterprise to Providence, where they are now partners in the company together. The products they make today are made in-house of stoneware and porcelain durable natural materials. To help minimize the size of their carbon footprint, the folks at J Schatz use an exclusive U.S.-based supplier network for raw materials and manufactured components. J Schatz also employs local artists in need of work, reducing commuter CO-2.

"Our "hands-on" production process is flexible and unique to each product we make and involves daily monitoring of the casting, cleaning, glazing and firing processes," Jim Schatz said. "We use energy efficient kilns and fire in quantities as needed, preventing unnecessary production and related costs and waste."

From egg shaped nightlights that cut through the night with projections of blue starlight to egg shaped birdhouses, Schatz remains just as enchanted by the concept of the egg as he was all those years ago. The luminescent Porcelana uplight creates a mellow, fruitful vibe, while the Kuni Juu Table Lamp provides the perfect style and lighting for a scholarly study.

J Schatz's tableware is contemporary, stylish, and fresh. From ocean floor colors, to colors that reflect the shades and tones of the Aurora Borealis, all the way down to a strong watercolor hue. J Schatz balances its styles and colors, offering outstanding designs for any creative space.

"We certify that the products we make are inspired by wonder. Each day we arrive at the studio motivated to work hard and create exceptional pieces of ceramic ware," Schatz said. "We live to capture beauty, be surprised, and solve creative problems with innovative designs. Most importantly, we love what we do."

J Schatz continues to inspire the people of Rhode Island with his egg inspired visions, designing contemporary, one of a kind, inspired products for folks looking to feel a similar sense of wonder.

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