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Jala Studio a Learning Center for Art and Yoga

By Jake Levin

Truth, awareness and bliss. Those are the three components of satchitananda, one's true nature uncovered in yoga.

Bristol Maryott, Owner of Jala Studio in Providence, R.I., blends her love of yoga with her fascination with art to help people achieve satchitananda by allowing the art on display to influence those practicing yoga, and vice versa.

"Art are yoga are both practices exploring consciousness," Maryott said. "We hope at Jala that the art on view informs the yoga practice and that yoga also influences the art we show. Both disciplines allow us to express and realize something about ourselves; these realizations are sometimes mundane and sometimes profound but always lead us closer to understanding our true nature."

Yoga has changed Maryott's life, she said, by being more patient and compassionate with others. She's advanced certified in Jivamukti yoga, which has helped her learn the importance of dedication and that good things take time to happen. But even with her credentials, she remains a student all the same.

"I sometimes have a wonderful practice where the postures come easily and it feels great," Maryott said. "Other times, the practice is harder. By still showing up and breathing, I've learned to be more patient with myself and accept myself where I am."

Acceptance of herself has in turn made acceptance of others easier, which is why she recommends practicing yoga. Maryott believes that physical aspects aren't the only benefits one will receive from yoga, as the mind and spirit will come open as well.

"After you practice, what made you angry before doesn't seem so important," she said. "And you feel a bit more understanding of others because you feel more spacious and joyful in yourself. In yoga we say that your heart is open; you feel more connected to yourself and all other beings."

Art supplements the yoga by helping patrons at Jala Studio feel more aware and engaged consciously with the world around them.

Jala Studio is located at 285 South Main St. in Providence, R.I. To learn more about the studio, visit its website, www.jala-studio.com.

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