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Real Estate Jargon: An Interview with Robyn Sisti of Robyn A. Sisti Law

By Robyn Sisti

About Robyn A. Sisti Law:

I started my law practice in late 1993 after passing the RI bar exam. Then in 2000, I obtained my Massachusetts attorney license so that I could expand my business. My practice is based upon the view that real estate legal services should be affordable and available to all. Most importantly, as a solo practitioner, when you hire me, you get me, not a secretary or legal assistant. I handle every aspect of your real estate transaction from start to finish. I return phone calls with 24 hours if not sooner.

What services does your office offer?

My office handles all aspects of real estate transactions, as well as many matters dealing with property. For example, if you are buying or selling a home, I can review the Purchase & Sales Agreement, draft the deed to transfer the property, and attend the closing to review the documents which you will be signing. Or, if you wish to transfer property ownership, I can draft and record the deed.

Common Real Estate Terms:

Some of the terms people should become familiar with as it applies to real estate transactions are as follows:

  • (a.) Title Insurance policy: When you buy a home you should always take out an owner's policy, as this protects you against any defects in title. Should you refinance the property at a later date, you will not need to get another owner's policy. With either a purchase or a refinance, the lender will take out a lender's title policy, which insures them against any defects in title.
  • (b.) Recording of Discharge: Once a mortgage is paid off, the lender will send a discharge which states that the loan has been paid in full, to either the registry of deeds in your town, the attorney who handled the closing, or the homeowner. The discharge must be recorded in the town registry so that future title searches will detect same. The discharge is proof that your previous loan debt was paid in full.
  • (c.) Rescission: Under federal law you have a 3 day right of rescission when you refinance your primary home. The 3 day period does not count the date of signing or Sunday. For example, if you refinance on a Monday, you have until midnight on Thursday, 3 days later, to notify the lender if you wish to cancel the transaction.
  • (d.) Title Search: The act of going to the registry of deeds and searching the records to see what if any previous judgments, liens, mortgages, etc. are encumbering the property. The lender in a refinance transaction will often require that certain liens, such as mortgages, are paid off as part of your new loan transaction. You will always want to have a title search done even if it is a cash transaction because you do not want to buy a home with unsatisfied liens that could encumber your property

Do you believe it's necessary your customers understand the basics of Real Estate Law prior to working with an attorney?

I definitely agree that all clients involved in a real estate transaction understand the process from start to finish, and I make sure that my clients do. Buying a home or refinancing your home is not to be taken lightly. For most people, their home is their main asset, so you want to make sure that when buying, you review the Purchase & sales agreement with an attorney who can advise you. For example, a buyer has the right to have an inspection done, and based on the results of such, the buyer may decide that the property has too many issues and they don't want to proceed with the purchase. But if a buyer is not aware of this right, they may waive the right to an inspection. Then, down the road, if the buyer finds the home has an issue with radon, which was never detected as no inspection was done, they have no recourse. Make sure you know what you are buying. I am a firm believer in the old adage "let the buyer beware!". When you hire me as your attorney, I will make sure that your rights are protected. You cannot leave this up to a realtor or anyone who is not an attorney. That is not their role.

How does your company help teach people and walk them through the process so they are understanding of everything?

I have my clients come in and together we go over the terms of the Purchase & Sales Agreement as well as discuss what to expect at the closing. In a refinance, I go over each document with the borrowers so that they understand the terms of their new loan. I also provide all parties with copies of each document that they will be signing.

Is there any other information involving real estate law terms and information that you wish to expand upon?

My goal as your real estate attorney is to be there every step of the way to answer your legal questions. I am available anytime to assist my clients with such an important transaction, and want them to feel comfortable at the closing table.

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact me is to call my office at (401) 946-0101 or email at legal@robynsistilaw.com. If you call the office, you will either get me or my voice mail, and again, I return calls within 24 hours or sooner.

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I started my practice in late 1993 after passing the RI bar exam. In 2000, I obtained...

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