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Reel to Real Recording Studio Makes Each Child's Dreams Come True

By Elisha Neubauer

Reel to Real Recording Studio is making waves in the music recording industry. A state of the art, fully-operational production studio, Reel to Real has a side motive: encouraging and educating children in the music production process early, in the hopes to solidify a deep rooted love of music from the beginning.

Started in the attic of his mother's house over thirty-five years ago, Reel to Real Recording Studio was the answer to all Anthony Marrapese's musical problems. "Being a musician/song writer, I wanted to record the songs I was writing," he states. "Going into a recording studio was very expensive back then, and just wasn't in my budget." Marrapese did the next best thing he could think of. Purchasing some recording gear, he set up a miniscule personal recording studio in his own home and began writing and recording his own music.

Word got out quickly, and before he knew it, Marrapese found himself recording local musicians at $10 an hour. While the side work was originally designed to fear his new-gear habit, it quickly took off, and before he knew it. . . he was operating a part-time, full service recording studio.

"When I bought my first house, I converted my basement into a bigger, more comfortable place to record," stated Marrapese. "When I outgrew that, I took the step to making my musical dreams a reality. I built a new recording studio, quit my full time job and have been in the recording business, full time for the last 35 years...No regrets."

It's what happened after he established his full time studio that Reel to Real Recording Studio began stirring a new interest in the community. Marrapese recalls receiving a phone call approximately twenty years ago in which a mother was looking to do something a little different for her son's eighth birthday. "He was obsessed with the recording studio on the show Full House," he explains.

"So she booked an hour at Reel to Real for him & his friend. They had a ball. They sang a little, I taught them how things work & about some of the studio tricks, et cetera." He remembers receiving several thank you notes from the boy. "He really enjoyed it," Marrapese affirmed. "And so did I. He is now almost 30 & probably has his own studio."

The event was a clinch pin in the future of the studio. Marrapese remembers how he would have loved to spend time in a studio as a child, but for cost reasons would never have been able to do so. "I started marketing myself to parents that have children who want to be stars, which is just about every kid," he stated. "They can come in and record a song, or learn about how Taylor Swift doesn't only record her voice once, but many times when making a hit song." He continues, explaining that they can play their own instrument or have one played for them. "It becomes a great experience for them, builds up their confidence, and parents end up with a wonderful memory on CD."

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