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Show Up, Breathe, And Let Go At Create Power Yoga

By Elisha Neubauer

Studies show that a regular practice of yoga can help with weight loss, muscle tone, and even increase bone density. But, that's not all. Adding a regular pattern of yoga to your regular routine has actually been proven to improve lung capacity, lower blood sugar levels in diabetics, lower blood pressure, and relieve chronic neck, back, and hip pain.

Physical benefits aren't the only pluses you'll see when adding yoga to your life. Yoga has also proven to have significant advantages for mental health, as well. It has shown a reduction in stress levels in regular participants, as well as notably lowering anxiety levels.

"We call our style of yoga, vinyasa, a moving meditation," Petra Lehman-Brauer, owner of Create Power Yoga in East Providence, Rhode Island, said. "Meditation calms and focuses the mind, so that we go from our usual multi-tasking state to awareness of just one thing: the present moment. This has a huge impact on our daily lives."

Lehman-Brauer explained the impact which she had referred to. According to her, we are constantly connected in today's modern society. Whether it is a phone, email, work, social media, television, or even a radio, we're constantly plugged into something. Yoga, as she explained it, gives us a chance to regroup.

"Yoga gives the mind a chance to step back, unplug, and take in just one thing at a time," Lehman-Brauer said. "It's a moment, or an hour, to be mentally still. That's huge!"

Lehman-Brauer is the proud owner, and instructor, of Create Power Yoga. She launched her studio with one goal in mind: to be a community.

"When you walk in to Create Power Yoga, everyone says hi to you," Lehman-Brauer said. "We know your name. We consider ourselves your home away from home."

This feeling of community is welcoming to everyone from novices to advanced students. The facility prides itself on being judgement-free; a zone which anyone is welcome and enticed to learn, grow, and practice.

"Find a class time that works for you and just show up; showing up is really all we ask of you," Lehman-Brauer said.

At Create Power Yoga, you don't have to be flexible. You don't have to be able to do a headstand. You can come as you are and learn as you go. Merely showing up and learning to breathe is all you need to succeed when joining the Create Power Yoga team.

Photos by Will and D Photography
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