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Smart Decorating Tips for a Small Room

By Tiffany Raiford

Decorating a small space requires clever thinking, use of the abstract, and an eye for style. Just because a room in your home isn't as spacious as you'd like does not mean you cannot decorate it to look just as elegant and comfortable as the rest of your home. It might present a bit of a challenge, but a small space is the perfect opportunity for you to think outside the box and show the world just how clever you really are. Small spaces require smart style.


Small spaces don't leave much room for the necessities. Too many knick-knacks, photos, and decorative pieces can make the room appear cluttered and messy. This leaves homeowners wondering how to create an elegant room while still keeping your must-have items close at hand. To do this, you must get creative with storage. Small spaces require clever storage such as decorative baskets and ottomans. Toss blankets, remotes, and children's toys into your ottoman, replace the lid, and no more clutter. Place magazines and coffee table books in decorate baskets on shelves beneath your coffee table, entertainment center, or on the walls. Clutter stays hidden, but everything you need is easily within reach.

Making a Small Space Larger

Short of making expensive and time-consuming structural changes, you can make a small space look larger. One of the easiest ways to do exactly that is to draw the eye upward with strategically placed window treatments. Even if your window is relatively small, hang your curtain rod as close to the ceiling as you can. Purchase curtains that skim the floor and hang them up. The affect these oversized curtains have on your small space is staggering. The eye is drawn immediately upward, making the ceiling appear taller. The large curtains make your windows appear grand, which makes the rest of the room seem proportionate.

Keep it Light

The worst mistake homeowners make in a small space is using too many dark pieces. The darker your decor, the smaller your room looks to the eye. Create the illusion of a larger space with light furniture and neutral colors. If you simply cannot live without dark colors, limit them to your accent pieces. Throw pillows, vases, lamps, and candlesticks in dark shades create a dramatic and striking effect when paired with a light, bright room.

Reflection Adds Definition

While artwork is a lovely addition to any small space, mirrors are a more clever choice. Leave the large prints for other spaces and add reflection to your small spaces. By adding a few decorative mirrors to various walls in a small room, you allow the natural light to reflect throughout the room, creating a larger feel. Think one large mirror on one wall and a cluster of smaller, decorative mirrors on another. This allows the light to flow freely and the room to appear much larger, much more sophisticated, and much more comfortable.

Small spaces are not the irritation they once were. Today, small spaces can be expertly and cleverly manipulated to appear just as large and sophisticated as any other room. Expensive structural changes are no longer the necessity they once were for those living in old Cape Cod style homes with small rooms and old bones. Your small space will not be denied any of the grandeur of an older, more spacious home provided you decorate with manipulation in mind.

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