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Still Point Massage is a Solutions-Based Practice

By S. Mathur

At Still Point Massage, the first step is a conversation. The discussion of personal physical history and current habits helps to establish the causes of any dysfunction or discomfort that the client might be experiencing. This knowledge helps the massage therapist to evaluate the client's needs and match these to the right type of treatment. It also forms the basis for education about pain and injury prevention and the importance of maintaining a balanced musculature.

"We're a solutions based practice," Michaela Foulkes LMT, said. "There's always a desire to understand more about why a client is coming in, how they use their body, and what might be contributing to/causing the complaint. The goal here is to educate clients as to how their bodies work so that they have a greater sense of control and freedom when they use the body they're in."

The massage itself consists of detailed, specific work aimed at altering the quality of tissue. It achieves more than physical conditioning and well being, freeing both body and mind. The types of massage offered at Still Point include deep tissue, Swedish massage, pregnancy, Ashiatsu and Lymphatic Drainage.

Solutions for chronic pain and injuries include off site body mechanics training, which helps to correct or offset dysfunction, pain and injury. Lack of strength is frequently the cause of pain, and the training focuses on helping clients to be at their strongest in any endeavor. Tutorial videos offer clients quick fixes for acute or chronic problems.

Foulkes graduated from the Bancroft School of Massage in 1999 and has been practicing massage therapy since that time. Her focus is on helping clients to reconnect with their bodies. Discussion of strength, posture, movement and habits can help clients to manage and reverse chronic conditions.

"What I love most is figuring out what is causing what someone is complaining of, and altering the tissue," she said. "essentially taking it from a place of being thick, tight, disorganized to a state that is thinner, softer and smoother to create comfort. I love helping someone to understand the logic that the body houses and displays, and helping them to see how cause and effect plays out to either offer them discomfort or relief."

Foulkes believes that regular bodywork is tremendously helpful for physical and mental well being.

"Most of us in our culture are not practiced at, relaxing," she said. "Massage makes you do just that. The sensation is so distracting that it's hard to not be present to what you're feeling which can help to disengage mentally to a great degree."

Massage therapy is also preventative medicine. Clients are often not aware that some part is sore until it is touched. Massage helps to head off injuries and muscle pulls by relaxing the entire body. Massage also has a calming effect on the body, slowing the breathing, lowering the heartbeat and improving the digestive process and the metabolism.

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