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Subletting Basics

Here are a few suggests to makes sure your subletting experience is stress free.

  • Make sure the landlord of the apartment allows subletters. You do not want to be kicked out of your apartment two weeks into the lease because you did not make sure it was alright with the land lord first.
  • Negotiate the price with your subleaser. Many people who are subletting their rooms are doing so on a relatively tight schedule. Worries over filling their room mean that you might be able to get a discount. Talk about getting a lower monthly rent or free utilities. If your subleaser asks for all the months of rent upfront, there is an especially good chance that you could get a break on the price.
  • Like all housing agreements, you want some sort of written document. Make a contract with your signature and the signature of your subleaser. Make the contract specifies how much you pay for rent, when that rent is due, who pays for utilities and potential maintenance, and when your lease begins and end.
  • Go through the apartment looking for things that are in disrepair or are broken. Make a list of these things and maybe even take pictures. You do not want to be blamed for something that you did not break.
  • Respect the rules of your new housemates. If these are weekly chores make sure that you do them!

Usually subletting is easier and less of a hassle then renting. These steps just avoid some of the more common problems that come up. Generally speaking subletting is a great option if you need a place to live for a few months.

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