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TV Home Inspectors Versus the Real Thing

By Mike Auger

Ahh... the question I get more and more as of late: do you inspect like Mike Holmes? Do you like Mike Holmes?

It's true that Mike Holmes, the host of a variety of home improvement shows, is an entertaining TV personality: the premise of his shows is he is following a bad inspector's work and fixes the problems. Mr. Holmes has brought attention to my profession, and that's good. More attention will mean more scrutiny and, hopefully, better quality and service for you.

Hoknes does sensationalize the job a bit. He does trash other inspectors, but not ALL OTHER inspectors, only ones who do a bad job.

You need to remember that I can't go busting down walls just to have a look, as I do not have a show and the intent on putting it back. A home inspection is a visual inspection. Yes, I have some test equipment to help me find as much as possible, but I can't disassemble things or remove things to try to find hidden issues.

What I do is take my time, following a system proven by me and other NACHI inspectors to give you the best inspection and reporting I can every time. I continuously educate myself to learn better ways to inspect property. For details on what I inspect and don't inspect, check out my site here: www.homeinspectorri.com.

Any quality home inspector will look at many items and perform a thorough, detailed inspection of the home. The inspection is a visual inspection and it must be non-destructive, as our clients do not yet own the property. I don't personally know Mike, only his TV persona, so I can't say that I like or dislike him. If he brings attention to standards of practice and the bad inspectors are forced out of the industry because of public awareness and intolerance of sub-par work, then I like what he's doing. All that being said, I have never seem a home I've inspected on his show.

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