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Smart Decorating Tips for a Small Room Smart Decorating Tips for a Small Room

By Tiffany Raiford

Small rooms are often considered the downfall of a home and a decorator's nightmare. However, small rooms have just as much potential as larger spaces to appear elegant, spacious, and sophisticated if you know how to use decor to your advantage.

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The Cost of Moving The Cost of Moving

By Derren Peters

Whether you're heading to a new place in a new state, or staying within Massachusetts, moving brings a lot of excitement and change. But it's important to develop a moving budget to save money and avoid unnecessary expenses.

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Hiring Movers vs. Doing It Yourself Hiring Movers vs. Doing It Yourself

By Eddie Gallese

Before you decide to forget using movers, make sure you consider the real cost doing the job yourself.

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Moving Before Selling Your Old Home Moving Before Selling Your Old Home

By Beth Drucker

Sometimes there's no way to avoid moving before you've sold your home. You may have some emergency to deal with, or you might simply want your kids to start out the semester in their new school. Whatever the reason, it often takes time to find a suitable buyer.

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Tips on Avoiding Moving Scams Tips on Avoiding Moving Scams

By Beth Drucker

Horror stories have been told about moving companies increasing their rates to exorbitant prices - only after loading the owner's belongings onto the truck. Here are some tips to avoid

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Hidden Moving Costs Hidden Moving Costs

When you decide to move there are hidden costs that are easy to overlook. By being aware of these unforeseen costs, you will avoid a cash crunch when the final bill arrives.

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