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Can I Rent a Home if I Have a Low Credit Score

If you have a low credit score, it may be difficult for you to rent a home. Since the landlord of the house is ultimately the one who decides if you can rent their property or not, how much your credit score affects your ability to rent depends on how strongly your landlord feels. If your credit scores are accurate and reflective of your ability to pay the landlord rent, it may be harder for you to rent from them.

There are some simple tips you can follow to optimize your chances of renting despite your low score.

  • Get a cosigner. When you have a cosigner, landlords know there is an alternate source of payment in the case that you cannot pay your rent. This makes landlords more willing to rent to you.
  • Offer to pay upfront. Getting more money upfront for the rent is an appealing idea to a landlord because it shows that you will have the funds to pay for rent in the future.
  • Get a recommendation from a previous landlord. Having your old landlord vouch for you helps prove that you not only paid rent on time but were a good person to work with.
  • Try and avoid a credit check altogether if nothing else works. There are some landlords that simply do not care about credit scores. These people tend to ad advertise in cheap ads or free newspapers.

Some landlords do not place much importance on credit scores and simply want to fill their vacant homes. If you prove to be the right candidate and have the ability to pay, you are likely to be able to rent from them despite your score. Although it is harder to rent with a low score, there are still many landlord who are willing to rent to you.

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