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Winthrop Solutions

Address: 1240 Pawtucket Ave
Rumford, RI 02916

Phone: 401-525-6544

Specialty: Real Estate Solutions

Serving all of Rhode Island

A little bit about Winthrop Solutions:

"Our loan programs are unique in that they require as little as 10 % down with terms up to 30 years. We underwrite our loans and take into consideration credit scores, loan to value ratios and debt service coverage. An appropriate program is tailored to each client based on the strength of these criteria. We have programs to fit any financial strength or need. We also offer other types of Commercial Real Estate Loans up to $250 million" said Howard L. Weldon, president of Winthrop Financial Solutions, LLC. Winthrop Financial Solutions, LLC offers financing to the small business owner as well as larger - multi-million dollar - real estate projects. Our financing partners include institutional lenders, life insurance companies, commercial banks, real estate investment trusts, private capital investors and conduits. We finance projects locally in Rhode Island, New England, nationally and internationally. Our commercial mortgage programs make it easier than ever to own the location of your business.

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